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Small, extremely compact shock absorbers, so simple in design that they have only five major parts. Capacities of up to 85 kN are available from 15 basic sizes. Reset is accomplished either by low force internal coil springs or by a high force internal liquid spring. The liquid spring reset is superior to competitive shock absorbers because it prevents dirt, ice or excessive drive inputs from binding or bottoming the Fluidicshock. Because our patented “Fluidic Damping System” can be double acting, reset is gentle even with the high Liquid Spring force. Three models of the Fluidicshoks are damper types with no reset system. These units feature mono-tube construction and the choice of single or double acting output. 

Crane and industrial buffers:
Large versions of the Fluidicsshok with coil spring reset. Capacities of up to 62.200 kN are available in a heavy duty mill-type design. Over 60 sizes are standard. Long stroke buffers are available with up to 3 meters deflections and capacities to 445.000 kN, making this the highest capacity standard shock absorber in the world.

Self-adjusting shock absorbers:
The only shock absorbers that automatically adjust themselves to different impact conditions. A patented exclusive of Taylor Devices, three different series of self-adjusting units are available in 16 sizes. W-Series Fluidicshoks are available in four sizes of up to 84,5 kN capacity. W-Series Crane Buffers are available in eleven sizes of up to 18.000 kN capacity. The Uni-Shok, available in six models, has a capacity of up to 22 kN, suitable for most industrial applications. The self-adjusting shock absorbers are competitive with most custom orificed or manually adjustable designs.

Liquid die springs:
A unique and the most efficient way of obtaining high spring force and energy in a small package. In a Liquid Spring, the molecules of the internal fluid are mechanically compressed, yielding a spring output. Liquid Die Springs are used primarily in the tool and die industries and are available in nine sizes.

Special products:
If required, all of the standard Taylor Devices’ product lines can be modified to customer specifications. Customized items include single or double acting dampers, non-linear dampers, single and double acting liquid springs, tension shock absorbers and tension-compression shock absorbers. Orificing choices include low exponent, linear or Bernoullian types. For aerospace requirements, lightweight versions of any Taylor product can be supplied.
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