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Taylor Devices is the leading manufacturer of fluid viscous dampers, shock absorbers, seismic dampers, tuned mass dampers, lock-up devices, shock transmitter units, vibration dampers, cable dampers and other energy management products.
- Footbridge
- Building
- Hospital
- Bridge
- Stadium
- High-rise building

Proven technology
Based on 40 years of use by the armed forces and aerospace industry, Taylor Devices fluid viscous dampers drastically reduce and mitigate the damaging motions and energy of an earthquake. Aerospace and defense structures are traditionally protected against shock, blast and weapons explosion to levels far beyond earthquake.

Cost-effective protection
Conventional earthquake protection system such as shear walls and deforming steel frames can be expensive and limit construction and design options for the structure. In comparison, Taylor fluid viscous dampers are compact yet powerful damping devices. They require no maintenance, service or periodic inspection. Plus, Taylor dampers save on construction or retrofit costs as well. They are easy to incorporate using conventional construction methods.

Architectural freedom
Some earthquake protection systems require massive structural supports  which limit the concepts in new construction or alter the architecture in an existing structure. This is not the case with Taylor devices’ seismic protection products. Taylor dampers can even be installed on the interior or exterior of a structure and can be detailed to complement any design

Easy to install
Taylor dampers are simple to install in new or existing buildings, even while occupied. They are the most compact seismic protection system available anywhere. In most installations, the Taylor dampers are hidden within the dimensions of a standard wall. The design of the building or structure is not compromised to accommodate Taylor fluid viscous dampers as the primary earthquake protection system.

No maintenance
Taylor Devices fluid viscous dampers require no maintenance, no refilling and have no depency on outside energy sources.

35 years Warranty

Taylor Devices dampers come with a 35-year product warranty, offered with the confidence of 40+years experience in the shock protection field.

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